Metal Panels

Benefits Of Defining Insulated Metal Panels

When it concerns defining building products, we know you have choices, but when it concerns your next task or retrofit, there are benefits of insulated metal panels (IMPs) that will take your industrial build-out to the next level.

Code compliance

By buying the current engineering research study and remaining on top of changes in the building and construction market, IMPs regularly surpass or passcode requirements, including air, water, vapor, and thermal efficiency.


Due to the style of our IMPs, not just do they pass preliminary code compliance screening, but the envelope will continue to carry out for the life of the building, especially when it pertains to energy performance. The extremely effective insulation not just drives down energy expenses but helps jobs acquire Leadership in Energy and Environmental Style (LEED) credits.


Building and constructions that use IMPs last and age well too since IMPs use exceptional G-90 and AZ-50 and galvanized aluminum-zinc layered steel. By providing a 70 percent PVDF fluoropolymer paint finish that withstands the test of time and severe weather conditions consisting of paint service warranties as much as 40 years, the predicted life expectancy of IMPs can go beyond 60 years.


IMPs are more than simply an all-in-one option when it comes to the structural and efficiency elements; they’re developed for exterior and interior walls, and roofing systems. A wide array of profiles, surfaces, and colors use a generous combination of style options.

Interiors can be left exposed, supplying a clean, intense washable surface area without the expense of setting up interior drywall and framing.

And since IMPs can be set up vertically or horizontally and can be defined in basic widths from 24″ to 42″ there’s no limitation to what can be made with items.

Speed and ease of setup

In building and construction, time equates to cash. Because the item line of IMPs is light-weight, they are simple to set up.

Since IMPs on their own are a remarkable wall cladding intelligence, they can also be used as a greater working backup wall when integrated with other exteriors as part of a rain screen assembly.

Labor cost savings vs. standard multi-component backup walls can be substantial, and wall style and detailing is significantly streamlined. Fewer trades dealing with the wall assembly equates to less dispute, much shorter building schedules, and enhanced service warranties.